Co-creation with HSD.


Working together for a sustainable future.

Tillmann Heuter, Design Coordinator, CODIC Development GmbH – CODIC as a partner of the University of Düsseldorf in the project “Sustainable Building and Renovation”.

Co-creation with HSD.
Co-creation with HSD.

Milestone for sustainability in the building sector
CODIC is proud to participate in a ground-breaking project led by the University of Düsseldorf. The project “Sustainable Building and Renovation – Decarbonisation of the Building Stock with Minimal Resource Use (CO2 Construction)” with the University of Düsseldorf is an important step in our efforts to make the building sector more sustainable and future-proof.

Cooperation platform for future competences
The project, which is funded by the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Culture and Science (MKW), aims to create a cooperation platform for future skills. This platform serves as a meeting point for a cross-sector community from the construction and real estate sector. Our aim is to address the fundamental challenges of decarbonising the building stock, while exploring innovative solutions and opportunities arising from the circular economy and digitalisation.

Sustainable transformation of the building sector
A key aspect of the project is the exchange and collaboration between representatives from academia, business, planning and the construction industry. Through joint discussions and various communication formats, we aim to identify and overcome obstacles and hurdles. At the same time, our focus is on recognising and exploiting existing and new opportunities, innovations and competences for a sustainable transformation of the building sector.

Exchange and practical cooperation
In the first phase of the project, which will last approximately one and a half to two years, we will focus on sharing different approaches and needs within the community. In the second half of the project, guidelines will be developed for policy makers and the construction industry. These will be implemented in practical collaborations for development processes that go beyond theoretical guidelines.

CODIC's commitment to sustainable building transformation
As an active participant in this project led by the University of Düsseldorf, we at CODIC are convinced that this path of collaboration and shared commitment is the key to sustainable change in the building sector. CODIC has a wealth of knowledge in the fields of planning and real estate – we expect to gain different perspectives on the challenges ahead. CODIC is proud to be able to contribute and to walk this path together with the University of Düsseldorf and other participants.

We look forward to continuing this collaboration and to working with the University of Düsseldorf and all the other partners on the path to a more sustainable future.

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