We create places that are valuable and future-proof.

Ron C. Haßler, CEO – The world is becoming increasingly complex and is constantly changing due to external conditions. The long-term attractiveness of urban spaces will not be guaranteed by average real estate. Developments that are holistic and take into account the future needs of society, the economy and the environment will prevail. 

Our vision is to play a decisive role in the development of properties and neighbourhoods that meet the demands of the present and the future. To achieve this, we are committed to going beyond the traditional project development approach and co-creating an outcome that is not only “future-proof” but “future-perfect”.


A vision for an integrated and sustainable future of project development, characterised by interdisciplinary collaboration, digital integration and continuous reinvention.

Project development is seen less in isolation and more as an integral part of a larger network of technology, architecture and engineering, finance, maintenance and user needs. This symbiotic ecosystem, described by Kjetil Trædal Thorsen as a “powerhouse constellation”, is evidence of a dialogue-driven approach and creative diversity. In this vision of the future, every building project becomes an experimental space for social, environmental and economic innovation.

Future project development relies on a holistic value chain based on several key characteristics. Close interdisciplinary collaboration is essential, with project developers, technology experts, planners and financial experts working together to develop profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is seen as an imperative, not an option. Reducing the environmental footprint, using renewable resources and creating healthy working environments are all taken for granted. Flexibility and adaptability of buildings to changing needs become the norm, as does consideration of inclusion and diversity.

This will result in a product that is in high demand by users and highly attractive to the financial market, meeting the ESG requirements of rating agencies.

Project development in times of change.

In the medium term, a profound change in project development is emerging, where the traditional boundaries between different disciplines are blurring.

The vision of the future requires constant reinvention. Companies and organisations must constantly adapt and innovate to remain relevant and competitive in this dynamic environment. The vision of an integrated value chain is not only an optimistic outlook, but also a call to action. It encourages all market participants to face the challenges ahead and to develop integrative, innovative and sustainable practices. Only through this comprehensive change can we create a world where project development not only shapes buildings, but also strengthens and inspires communities.

Source: Space Council/Raphael Gielgen/CODIC

Innovative projects.

The future belongs to down-to-earth visionaries.

Udo Buschmann, Board member, Kreissparkasse Köln– For 15 years, CODIC has been able to win over Kreissparkasse Cologne as a financing partner for its innovative projects. 

The meticulously prepared documentation, the careful selection of partners and the excellent management qualities of the entire team form the basis for the successful completion of joint projects. 

The future belongs to these down-to-earth visionaries, and we are happy to help shape it as a financing partner. 

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